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Family Divorce and Separation at Rice-Jones & Smiths

Family law is an increasingly complex area and requires a demanding set of skills. An experienced and intelligent analysis of complex financial circumstances - often international - is needed, together with a sensitive and authoritative approach to guide clients and obtain the best possible outcomes through this difficult time. We understand the importance to our clients of preserving their confidentiality and exercising discretion at all times.

Whether advising on a divorce, separation or on the dissolution of a civil partnership we recognise and understand the level of stress and emotional trauma that accompanies the breakdown of a relationship. Our approach is to advise and assist in a sympathetic, supportive and, above all, objective manner.

The introduction of The Civil Partnership Act 2005 provides a mechanism for same sex couples to register the formation of a civil partnership and if the relationship subsequently breaks down allows for its dissolution. On dissolving a civil partnership the court can exercise similar powers in relation to finances and children as are available on divorce.

The firm advises clients, men and women, on the legal rights and responsibilities involved in entering into a civil partnership, to include pre-registration agreements, and the implications of ending a civil partnership. We also advise in connection with financial provision . inheritance disputes injunctions and emergency relief and pre nuptial agreements and asset protection.